Liat Danieli Image

Liat Danieli is a multidisciplinary artist who bridges between art, biology, science and technology. Her works are characterized by movement, variability and creating an active connection with the space in which she creates. 

They are motivated by an enchantment with the constant and delicate change inherent in all living things. Research and cooperation with individuals from different fields and communities form the foundation of her creative process. 

Her works draw inspiration from nature and the complex relationships within it. Through her practice, she raises questions about the ecological system’s place in art and explores the intricate link between humanity and its environment. Danieli strives to enable natural processes and the impact of time to play a central part in her work, while spotlighting the uniqueness –and to the same extent the vulnerability – of the environmental conditions in which we live. Her works touch upon current issues and encourage extraordinary and creative encounters with the organic and the unfamiliar – a reality that mostly escapes our notice. 

Concurrently with her artistic activity, Daniel leads BioArt workshops for groups and individuals, in which she teaches how to grow biology-based materials. The workshops are an investigative space of materials from nature, as a replacement for materials taken from animals.     

Liat has participated in multiple exhibitions which included large, pivotal installations, in major exhibition spaces in Israel. In 2013, she was awarded the Rafi Lavi Scholarship for Excellence in Art Studies from the Faculty of Arts – Hamidrasha at Beit Berl College.   



2009-2013 - B.E.D. in art and education at Beit Berl the Academy of Art.
2007-2008 - Facilitator artist at Sapir college

Group Exhibitions

2022 - Transit, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv
2021 - Total Nutrition, Musrara Gallery, Jerusalem, curator: Bar Yerushalmi
2021 - Transit preview, Betonbox, Dusseldorf Germany
2021 - Zumo Lod, Lod, curators: Milana Gitzin Adiram, Bar Yerushalmi, Shachar Ben Nun
2021 - Decomposition, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Inbal Marie Cohen
2021 - Fabrication, Azrieli Gallery, Jerusalem, curator: Tali Kayam.
2021 - Two rooms, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, curators: Shirel Safra, Inbal Marie Cohen
2019 - Artaftefet, Experiment Experience, The Ecological Greenhouse, Ein Shemer, curators: Atar Geva, Erez Uzan.
2018 - Meeting with remarkable people, Ramla, curator: Hadas Balas
2016 - Bachalonot, Visual art in a Display window, Hzira, Jerusalem. Curators: Glia Eini, Adi Cahana
2016 - AVI Festival Art video international, Jerusalem, curator: Yanin Shalev
2012 - The language is in the thicket of the present, Secret art 6, Beit Mani, Tel Aviv, . Curator: Asad Azi.