Weave The Truth

curator: Rotem Ritov


Domestic silk moths

Bombyx Mori (the domestic silk moth) is a domesticated species of moth that is completely dependent on humans. It does not have the ability to survive in nature. It has no camouflage colors, it cannot fly, and its sense of smell is weak. After emerging from the pupa and pairing with a partner, the female lays eggs and dies. Later, the caterpillar weaves the pupa cocoon from raw silk. According to sources, growing and weaving silk was a female craft, as cited in a plethora of mythologies, legends and historical documentation.

Danieli invites the audience to enter the space of secrets/confessions, where they can unravel the truth. This is an invitation to release that which cannot be spoken or told. During the performance, the visitor is asked to choose between truth or dare: sharing a secret that will be printed immediately in braille on silk paper or a duet of unravelling the cocoon together with Danieli, which will be added to the screen divider which continues to pile up between her and the audience. The secrets will remain sealed in the installation, hidden and buried in clues, between the braille writing and the silk threads. The secrets that are revealed and translated into braille become part of the complete installation. As in the confessional booth, the secret’s owner is released from it without it leaving the room, free to rewrite themselves anew.


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